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Gift House International Candle Lantern Bags, White Fireworks

Gift House International Candle Lantern Bags, White Fireworks: Candle Lantern Bags, are a great way to brighten up a garden or outdoor setting in the evenings, ideal for a barbeque, wedding, or just relaxing in your garden on a summer night. Add light & warmth to your garden or patio, create a stunning effect at parties, celebrations or weddings. Each pack of 10 candle lantern bags is packed in a poly bag with full instructions. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Open up the bag and pour approximately 2-3 cups of sand, small pebbles or soil into it. 2. Place the bags about 1-1.5m apart for maximum lighting effect. 3. Place a candle into the centre of the pile, pushing it down into the soil, so it is positioned upright and straight. You can use heavy duty tea light candles. 4. Light the candles using either a large BBQ match or a grill lighter. Smaller matches will be difficult to use and will take quite some time if you have a number of candles to light. 5. Extinguish the candle once you have finished the event. 6. You can reuse the bags afterwards if stored somewhere dry.: Kitchen & Home