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1kg Pelleted Paraffin Wax – Easy Melt – Candle Making Applications

Wax Factory Pelleted Paraffin Wax 1kg - Easy Melt - Candle Making Applications: You are buying 1 Kilogram of Easy Melt Pelleted Paraffin Wax perfect for use in ALL candle making applications A perfect all rounder in the wax world, used in all candlemaking applications. Suitable for use in Pillars / Votives / Tealights / Tarts etc. Stearin is available in our shop to aid the demoulding process. When melted, the wax is entirely clear. Melting point: 56°-58°C Not suitable for use on the skin due to the high melting point. SAFETY WARNING: Always melt on low heat under close supervision using a double boiler if possible to regulate temperature closely. NEVER treat wax fires with water, use suitable protection to suffocate or isolate the fire.: Kitchen & Home