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Set of 3 Quality Lasting Church Pillar Candles

Set of 3 Quality Lasting Church Pillar Candles: Approx Burn times - 150 hours, 100 hours and 50 hours. PLEASE NOTE: Manufacturer approx burn times will only be achieved by following burning instruction included with candle. - Candle Care insructions read as follows: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do NOT allow wick trimmings or other foreign materials to remain on or in the candle. Always burn candle in non-flammable holder. For maximum burn time, extinguish after 2 hours. Wait for wax to harden the re-light. Trim wick to approx 1cm before burning. Set candles at least 10cm apart. Do not place in direct sunlight or close to plug sockets. To extinguish candle do not blow, please use candle snub. Do not place candle in a draught or near curtains. do not tilt candles. Failure to follow the above cautions may result in reduced burn times and cause the candle to drip. PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND ANIMALS.: Kitchen & Home