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Bath Bomb Recipe With Essential Oils

Jump into a hot bath and feel those tight muscles begin to unwind. Bath bombs! Not just are they enjoyable to put in your bath, they are likewise enjoyable to make and they make superb presents too.

Making your own bath bombs is an easy step by step procedure with all the active ingredients quickly available from your neighborhood shop. Make a note that the smaller sized ones are much easier to make, particularly for your very first time, as they have a tendency not to collapse as quickly.

Now you have actually sorted your mould, see that you have the rest of your utensils at hand.

Bath Bomb Recipe

A metal or glass bowl. (Plastic can be made use of however does soak up the oils therefore can taint food mixed afterwards so keep it just for your bath bombs).

Spray bottle (This makes including the water a little simpler).



Now we prepare to begin. There are numerous dishes that can be utilised however right here is a standard bath bomb dish.


1 cup citric acid.

2 cups cooking soda.

20-30 drops essential oil depending upon strength and individual taste.

Food colourant (a dry pigment is finest).

Water or witch hazel (in your spray bottle).

How To Make Bath Bombs With Essential Oils:

Easy Bath Bomb Recipe With Essential Oils
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Sieve together the citric acid and cooking soda making a great powder. if you do not get this you will be left with a rough mix.

Include your color pigment however not too much. Once the fluid is included, it will be darker. Include your scent oil little bit at a time up until you get the strength you desire.

Utilising your spray bottle, spray in a little water/witch hazel while blending at the very same time with the various other hand. Do not be lured to include too much water as it will begin fizzling.

Pack the mix securely into the moulds directly away prior to it begins to set. Putting them on scrunched up cells works well for this little bit as is soaks up any wetness and does not enable the bottom to go flat.

Enjoy your brand-new design bath!

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